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29 Days to a Clean Home - Spring Cleaning CHALLENGE

Jenn Mitchell

Wife and mother of 2 boys ,Local Henderson Professional, Model, and Health nut...

Wife and mother of 2 boys ,Local Henderson Professional, Model, and Health nut...

Mar 5 2 minutes read

29 Days to a Clean HOME

Cleaning all those not so fun places seems like a challenge at times, so breaking it down and focusing on one extra item a day may help you get that spring cleaning actually done efficiently.  

Day 1- Wipe down all base boards
Day 2- Wipe down all light switches and door handles
Day 3- Clean all light fixtures
Day 4- Clean blinds, window coverings and/or shutters
Day 5- Wipe down walls
Day 6- Clean washer and dryer
Day 7- Clean air vents and filters
Day 8- Rotate mattress and clean bedding
Day 9- Wash bed pillows
Day 10- Vacuum under beds and wipe down dressers
Day 11- Organize closet shelves and clear closet floors
Day 12- Dust ceiling fans
Day 13- Scrub shower heads and wash curtains
Day 14- Dishwasher
Day 15- Wipe fridge inside and out
Day 16- Wipe microwave inside and out
Day 17- Clean range hood and vents
Day 18- Clean inside oven
Day 19- Clean stove grates
Day 20- Clean kitchen sink and faucet
Day 21- Organize and clean kitchen utensil drawers and holders
Day 22- Wipe kitchen cabinet doors
Day 23- Organize pantry and cupboards
Day 24- Wipe down trash cans
Day 25- Dust dining room table and chairs
Day 26- Vacuum couch and cushions
Day 27- Vacuum/Mop under all furniture
Day 28- Vacuum/Mop under area rugs and mats
Day 29- Wash pet's areas, bedding, dishes and toys

Now relax and enjoy your spring cleaned home!

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