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Gourmet Kitchen Remodel on a Fast Food Budget

Eric Humes

Eric Humes is the Broker /Owner for Rooftop Realty...

Eric Humes is the Broker /Owner for Rooftop Realty...

Nov 1 5 minutes read

Our last blog talked about the importance of a home's kitchen in the sale of a house. Today we will talk about things you can do to turn your kitchen into Buyer Bait, without breaking the bank!

According to the "2015 Remodeling Impact Report" from the National Association of Realtors, "A complete kitchen renovation on a 210 sq. ft. kitchen has a median price of $60K with only a 67% price re-coop at time of sale. In short, now is not the time to remodel your kitchen if you know you will be selling your home with-in the next 5 years. You just wont see a return in your investment.

So today's blog will talk about ways you can spruce up your kitchen and make it more appealing to buyers without the stress of Do-it-Yourself projects, or spending too much money on a kitchen you wont even be using!

1. Our first piece of advice is to clean, and when you're done with that, clean again! We're talking "New car smell" clean! Nothing is a bigger turnoff to a buyer than a dirty (even if it is only a perception) kitchen. After all, this is where they will be cooking and eating, they want to know that it's sanitary! 

And buyers are nosey, so don't think you're safe stuffing things in cabinets...they WILL look! Ovens, Appliances, Sinks, Cabinets, Counters, Walls, Light Fixtures, Floors, ALL matters. It might be worth the cost to hire a cleaning company to come in and do a deep clean on your kitchen and bathrooms. Then, keep it looking like it was professionally cleaned EVERYDAY!

2. Decrease the clutter. Remove small appliances from counter tops and make sure that they SHINE, in fact, shine your cabinet fronts and appliances as well. Take children's artwork and magnets off of your refrigerator, pack away 1/3 of the things from your cabinets, including cookbooks and holiday dishes. (Just this step alone will help you be partially ready to move into another home!) 

Also, while "themes" are cute in some houses, that is just extra stuff keeping the buyer from imagining their own stuff in this house...remember, you are selling this house, so it is time to depersonalize and get yourself "unattached".

3. Change all the light bulbs in your kitchen to a higher wattage. The extra light will give your kitchen a more appealing glow. It will also give the illusion of a bigger space.

4. Studies have shown that our noses help our brain process what we are seeing, so if you cooked fish for dinner last night, make sure that smell went out with the garbage! The best smell for kitchens is the light smell of pine-sol (not over done though, too much and potential buyers can't wait to get out of there!)

5. If you have a little money to spend, then our research has shown that the following items are the best place to put your money, depending on your budget:

   *New coat of Neutral paint

   *New light fixtures

   *A pretty Rug by the sink, potted plants and a bowl of fresh fruit are nice "staging" items.

   *If there is a stain on the counter top, buy a nice butcher block cutting board to cover the "blemish" 

   *Cabinetry knobs and handles

   *Nice faucet and sprayer

   *New, fashionable, energy efficient appliances that match in color

If you are going to spend money on items like this, it is best to ask your realtors advice on what the local "trends", or homes in your area are doing. Don't just choose "what you like", or even get too fancy, but don't go too basic either. The best choice is to chose a  color/material that all metal products are made of and stick with that "theme".

This has been a LONG article, as the whole home selling/buying process can be! We, at Rooftop Realty, hope that the information has been useful and would love to personally answer any questions you may have about buying and or selling a home through comments, e-mail or telephone!


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