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Reasons Buyer’s Should Have Realtor Representation When Dealing With Master Planned Communities

Eric Humes

Eric Humes is the Broker /Owner for Rooftop Realty...

Eric Humes is the Broker /Owner for Rooftop Realty...

Nov 1 4 minutes read

Model homes in Sacramento.

Many of you will spend this beautiful Spring weekend touring homes. If you believe searching on your own will

 benefit you financially then you NEED to read this article!

Many Buyers are opting for homes in Master Planned Communities because of all the options and amenities. These Builders put a lot of thought into the design, development and needs of their Buyers, which is a great asset for our community.

Some Buyers are under the assumption that if they visit these properties without a Buyer’s Agent, that they, the Buyer, will save the Agent commision by working directly with the Builder. This IS NOT true! The commission rate is already built into the price of the home, if there is no Buyer’s Agent, then the Seller’s Agent gets the whole commission. The Builder has to pay these fees regardless, and they do not pass the savings on to the Buyer.

You do not need a Realtor to visit these communities, however, there are some things the Buyer should know before walking into ANY of these models. Some points to keep in mind:

  • The Buyer NEVER pays commission
  • If you come without an Agent, the price of the home WILL NOT decrease
  • The Seller’s Agent represents the Builder, so they have no obligation to you
  • A home cannot be marked up if the Buyer chooses to bring a Realtor with them

You may not realize it, but it is in your best interest to have someone in your corner when making such a big purchase. Just as you wouldn’t go to court without representation on an important case, neither should you enter such a large transaction without someone on your side!A good Realtor has the professional knowledge and experience to help answer important questions, guide you through decision making, and go to bat for you when problems arise. You will find them especially helpful when you have to sign all that paperwork!

With these points in mind, I’m sure you can agree that having a qualified Realtor by your side will make this experience more enjoyable, smoother and give you peace of mind even if you are looking into a Master Planned Community. Keep in mind that  each developer has different rules about having a Buyer’s Agent, so you may want to call ahead and ask. Most of the time if you go to the model homes unrepresented, then the development won’t allow you to introduce a Realtor at a later date.

 In other words, take your Realtor with you the very first time you visit. Having your representative with you from the very start can be beneficial as they may “see” what options you are looking for in a home and can direct you to other properties that may better suit your needs.

Many consumers might argue that a Realtor is not needed when purchasing in a Master Planned Community. That the Buyer’s Agents part in the transaction is so minimal that they should not get a commission. To these people, I say, a Realtor can only be of benefit to you if you USE them. Ask them questions, talk to them about what your options are, bring them with you to your appointments, let them negotiate on your behalf. If you do this, then I guarantee that your Realtor will work hard FOR you and will more than earn their commission. 

The bottom line is, this process is about finding you, the Buyer, exactly what you are looking for, not about Agent commissions. And, as you will NEVER have to pay the commission, wouldn’t you rather have a qualified professional as your PARTNER during this exciting, and complicated process?!?

Feel free to contact Rooftop Realty at (702)233-HOME,  to answer all of your buyer/seller questions, as we are an experienced full time brokerage with agents available to help you at any time!

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